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I was very lucky as a child because my mother had the ability to create and sew the most unique costumes and clothing for me and my two sisters. We were always able to the wear Original one of a kind garments for any special occasion. I did not realize that she was helping me to create my own individual style and personality. I was always an honor roll student and loved taking unusual courses like drafting, sewing, cooking, and even carpentry! Basically, i am the Martha Stewart of my time! I started competing in pageants and swimwear competitions in high school and was Miss Hawaiian Tropic for my local area at 17 competing in the US finals on Daytona Beach in 1991. There, I realized that beauty isn't "really" most important when you have 200 "beautiful" young women around you competing for one spot. You must be able to feel different and stand out amongst the others.

I would plan all of my outfits according to each day and started designing what I wore, while my mom would sew it for me. I remember the attention I received and how special I felt to be wearing my own unique creations; and how many other girls complemented me on them. I soon started sewing swimwear to sell at individual competitions and began building a database of friends and repeat customers. Through good customer service, quality fabrication, and word of mouth advertising, I built Georgia Peach Buns into an international brand that I am dedicated to witnessing succeed. Times aren't always good, but the Art of fashion design is my passion. I have a very special talent that enables me to view your individual personality and combine that with beautifully sexy and original designs.

My ability to evaluate and suit someone's individual personality and combine that with savvy fashion styles or my own creations from unique fabric combinations is my heart, soul, and truly what I love to do. That in itself is a blessing.

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